KPN has transformed a lot of their stores into a new, future proof concept. Smartwalls are a big part of these new stores. I participated as the UX designer in a small team that worked on innovation and content creation for the smartwalls.


Smartwalls are interactive screens from floor to ceiling. A smartwall has 2 columns of 4 screens. Each column can be used separately. The top and bottom screens can’t be reached by the user. These won’t be used for interactive purposes. 

20161114_115427 kopie

Not a touchscreen

When the project started the content on the website was mostly a copy of the website. It was not optimized for the touch limitations the smartwall has. The smartwall uses an infra red technique. This ensures that a different interaction is needed than what we are used to on our phones and tablets. Next to that, the screens were not really used by both the customer and the store employee.


To improve the usage of the smartwall we created a new navigation system, showed more relevant content and connected the smartwall to the existing workspaces of the store employees. 

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