During my study at the Rotterdam University of Applied sciences I participated in the minor ‘Interface & User Experience Design’. Within a team of four I was responsible for the interaction design. We got to work on an assignment from IN10 and Eindhoven Airport: “How can a digital service make the journey of Eindhoven Airport visitors easier and more comfortable?”


Out of our deskresearch, fieldresearch and the interviews these are the most important results:

  • On Eindhoven Airport everything is easy to find.
  • Travelers make day schedules, but they will make time for spontaneous activities.
  • The traveler only wants information about his own journey.
  • The holiday feeling usually starts on the holiday destination, not on Eindhoven Airport. However, at Schiphol this is the case.
  • The service needs to be fast, efficient and functional.
  • The traveler likes to be in control of his own journey.


We created different concepts, but we continued with the FlashForward. The FlashForward is a virtual reality experience by which the traveler can experience his holiday destination already on the airport. Through the use of image, sound and hand movements the experience from the destination is simulated.


In the FlashForward area, the traveler should feel safe, at ease and not have the feeling they are being watched.

  1. The FlashForward is an experience within this installation. The traveler is partly shielded, but not completely shut off from the outside world.
  2. On the table the VR glasses are secured. Every user has a locker for his baggage during the experience.
  3. A top view of the installation.
  4. A short explanation of the usage of the FlashForward
  5. The security system for the VR glasses.
  6. The chair in its environment.
  7. The chair must be able to turn and it needs to be comfortable.


We created various prototypes. Our concept needed to be tested and we wanted to find out what users experience while using VR glasses.  One of our first prototype was just a piece of paper to simulate the experience. This way we would find out the needs and insecurities of the users without having any distractions from the final product. Later on we created step by step a prototype within the VR glasses. 

Personal webpage

To extend the experience of the FlashForward, the traveler can reproduce his experience in the FlashForward by using his personal webpage. The page is accessible by holding his smartphone against the NFC tag.

The webpage consist actual information and tips about the weather, events and opening hours of malls and sights. The sights the traveler saw in the FlashForward can be found in the webpage too.


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